FEB 17 // DAY 19

Staying at Luke’s was just what we needed. It’s hard to articulate how much I’ve missed creature comforts like sleeping in and free laundry. We had breakfast at a small local cafe called “Lady Bower” before running a few errands. Then it was into the city for a quick jaunt over the Yarro River. Most of our walk was spent looking up at the buildings: spiky cathedral spires, impossibly narrow condominiums, the sprawling train station with timetables that haven’t changed since 1920. Super neat, I wish we had more time to wander, but I had to scoot to Fjord Melbourne.

The studio is currently located in the Fitzroy neighborhood, easily the hippest and most happening spot in the city. Pru, the Creative Director, showed me around the space and I got the chance to meet several other designers. The people of Fjord Melbourne are just like its surroundings: quirky, friendly and so, so totally cool. After listening to the weekly studio update, I got the chance to play with their VR goggles and meet a tiny robot that both played and danced to Thriller. No big deal.

After a most enjoyable afternoon, we returned to Luke’s place and finally met his roommate Lucille. The two of them entertained us with songs and stories before we headed back to Fitzroy. We spend the remainder of the evening at a rooftop bar with an amazing view of the city and unique vodka infusions. By midnight, all of us were properly shnokered and we headed back home to the animals.