FEB 26 // DAY 28

After 24 hours in Sydney, I thought we might have peaked on “fun having,” but it only got better.

We started the day with a unique breakfast at a little hole in the wall cafe with plants everywhere and an underground German club vibe. Then, after a brief dance party on the sidewalk that was hilariously quashed by a grumpy neighbor, we were off to the metro for a quick trip to see Sydney Harbor. Katie and Roie found my amazement with the trains a little funny, but seriously, coming from Seattle? Downtown Sydney has got its public transportation figured out: fast, convenient, thoughtfully designed movable seats.. I’ll wait until Europe to give my final judgement, but it was pretty legit.

Our walk to the Opera House took a sad detour, due to a recent suicide via balcony jump onto the footpath. Tragedy in Australia is very different from the states. It’s hard to put my finger on why, but I think this instance illustrates it well. The officers conducting the investigation were somber and focused. Not one was standing around looking intimidating. There were no flashing lights. There were no sirens. There were no news cameras. Occasionally gawkers stood respectfully at the plastic line before moving along. It was all eerily quiet. Perhaps we simply caught the scene during a lull, but I think not.

After our brief wander around the harbor, it was time to get back onto the amazing metro and head to a dog-friendly bar that has a half-court in the back parking lot for pickup games. Unbeknownst to us, Roie and Katie formed a gay women’s netball team a while ago. Also, they have friends with dogs. We spent a blissful afternoon meeting more friends and shooting hoops (Tiffanie) and watching people shoot hoops (Me) and trying to not step on all the puppies underfoot.

Sydney, you’re a dreamboat.