MAR 19 // DAY 49

The bed at Living Place 2 was a little hard for our liking, so we decided to move hostels for our last two nights in Chiangmai. After reading a few humorously awful reviews–and a couple good ones–we decided to risk it and stay at House 11 Hostel on the inside of the old city. From the moment we met Tony, the wry yet helpful desk manager, we knew we made the right choice. He got us set up with a room and a moped within twenty minutes.

Transportation procured, we headed to the temple at the highest point in Chiangmai, overlooking the city sprawl across the valley below. The view comes at a heavy price of nearly a million steps that curve along a concave arch up to the entry. I exaggerate, maybe more like 700. The space was quiet, minus the hushed whispers of tourists meandering through the jade statues and golden buddhas.

When we returned back to the city, it was time to jump into the crowed main street for the Saturday Night Market. We only made it a few blocks before taking a detour to listen to an acoustic singer and guitarist named Darunee Khamnuan.  She was fantastic, highly recommend checking her out. Thailand is full of top-notch musicians. It’s both astounding and humbling.

We wandered further away from the market and stumbled upon more live music, this time in an awkward reggae-themed bar, before meandering home through small, quiet streets.