MAR 21 // DAY 51

The road to Pai is a nausea-inducing roller coaster on narrow roads with blind corners and beautiful views. The drivers here have nerves of steel. We arrived without incident and immediately procured a moped from AYA Scooters–thanks for the recommendation Eric! After a set of delicious vegetarian burgers, we scootered off to check-in to Tribal Pai, our hostel only a few minutes outside of town.

The accommodation was selected simply because they had puppies and we were not disappointed. After a brief nap, I procured two tiny bundles of joy from the host and achieved something close to nirvana as they snuggled in my arms while I looked over the dry, enchanting landscape. We headed back into town for dinner and found amazing grub at Good Life Bar: super fresh with great vegetarian options and advertisements for a hands-on, five-hour fermentation class posted in the bathroom. I took a photo and hoped we’d have time to take the course.

Pai has two major streets and, once you figure out how they’re situated, you can never get lost. After inspecting the wares in the night market on the main drag, we headed back to Tribal Pai where a birthday was in the process of being celebrated. We briefly joined the foray and had a lovely chat with a girl named Marie from France. She gave us heaps of advice for our future travels there before we returned to our creaky teak cabin for the night.