MAR 3 // DAY 33

Today marks the first year anniversary of my first date with Tiffanie. Our story is complex, but the past several months we’ve spent with each other have been some of the best of my life. I wouldn’t be undertaking a trip of this scope or intensity without her by my side and I’m extremely grateful. She’s such a good sport, even when I’m hot and grumpy.

First thing in the morning, we made rings for each other at Studio Perak’s silversmith class. Our teacher, Ketut, was difficult to understand but a true master of the trade. Molding hot metal is not easy and it took a few hours to complete our endeavor. We left the shop with two amazing rings and set of earrings that we designed, soldered, hammered, sanded, twisted and polished ourselves.

Next up, lunch again at Soma. Apparently, I highly recommended because the food is seriously bomb. Go there. In the afternoon, we treated ourselves to a traditional Balinese massage. After a month of travel, my body was in desperate need of some serious TLC. Jaen Spa hit the spa-ot. Get it? Spot, spa-ot? Sorry, guys, I’m a little tipsy. Anyway, great massage, Leny was fantastic. Highly recommend.

It was a thirty minute walk from the spa back to our corner of Ubud, so we wandered through several shops and explored the various alleys we had missed on our mopeds the previous day. A few streets east of Dewangga, we stumbled on Kismet and stopped in for dinner and tequila shots.

On the whole, the dogs in Ubud are cared for pretty well. Most have collars and seem to get at least some food. Tiffanie, of course, has to stop and say hello to each one. While sitting at Mingle, right next to Dewangga, we were introduced to Angel, a small short-haired Thai dog with big brown eyes. For the remainder of the evening, angel went with us everywhere. It was nice to have an animal around, since both of us miss our respective creatures terribly. Angel seemed to enjoy the company–and food–as well.